In Home Catering Service

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How it all works...

Chef Ralph will visit your home and get a feel for what your kitchen is like. He will do a brief inventory of your cooking appliances and help you decide how you want your food served.

In-Home Catering means you pay lower rates because of lower overhead. (Did you know that other caterers have to rent certified kitchens at about $100/hr?)

Because the cooking is done in your home, where you can see exactly how it's done. You know that everything is being made FRESH before your eyes.

You & your guests are safe and protected. Chef Ralph has current Safety & Sanitation certification.

Chef Ralph is always onsite at every event he caters and pays very close attention to your party.

Chef Ralph will create a custom estimate based on your exact specifications, he is willing to work with you to make adjustments to align the event you desire to your budget.

Caterers approach food preparation differently.

Some caterers prepare delicious recipes from scratch, with groceries bought from the same high-quality markets you shop at every day.

Others purchase pre-cooked food, canned food and frozen packaged entrée’s to arrange on platters to serve to your guests.

Chef Ralph is a classically trained chef who buys his ingredients from top grocery stores and local farmers markets, then prepares it all that day, at your home.