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Chef Ralph Jason suggests using these easy steps when planning a holiday party in your home.

    1.  Allow plenty of time for planning. For a big party, start the planning process several months in advance. Send the invitations at least six to eight weeks in advance. The more time you have to plan, the more successful the party will be -- and the amount of stress involved will diminish as well.

   2.    Food -- to cook or not to cook, that is the question. Unless you're a really good cook and have a passion for preparing food, it's best to have the affair catered or consider bringing in take-out food. Some Caterers are willing to even serve on Christmas Eve; the cost is about the same as purchasing all the ingredents

   3.   Setting the mood -- decorations. Low lighting (candles are always a popular choice) and music can be instrumental in giving a successful party. Rearrange your furniture to allow more space for your guests. Clear off table tops so guests have space to place drinks and plates.

   4.   Clothing -- casual or formal? Remember that comfort is vital for the host of any party. You'll be the busiest person in the room. Your choice of clothing must accommodate this fact.

5.       Have Fun for your next holiday gathering, try one of these simple tips: * Cut down on the holiday chores by throwing a themed holiday pre-party with friends, such as a bake-off, tree decorating or gift wrapping party. * To engage your guests, set up a do-it-yourself bar. Instead of the old standby, make it a hot cocoa or eggnog bar. Offer different liquors, toppings and recipe starters. Make sure to have a certified bartender on hand so that you guest drink responsibly.

Following these simple steps will help you and guests have a great time. Enjoy!

Indulge Yourself!

Each year we promise ourselves a break from being responsible for the holiday feast and all that comes with preparing it.  This coming holiday season allow Simply Black & White Catering Service to take care of the menu planning, shopping, cooking, serving and cleanup. 

A decadent holiday meal prepared in your own home by a professional chef is a great gift to yourself and your guests.   Have a hors d’oeuvre party, a full service five course meal, or a beautifully displayed buffet.

Enjoy the holidays by spending less time in the kitchen or grocery store and spending more time with your family and friends.

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